Full-time Associate Position at Close Concerns, Inc. in San Francisco

San Francisco, California, United States


Close Concerns is a healthcare information firm focused on diabetes and obesity, dedicated to improving patient outcomes by educating physicians, researchers, business leaders, manufacturers, policymakers, and patients about the most important news and research in the field. With readers at academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, drug and medical device companies, and government bodies, Close Concerns is widely respected in the healthcare community. We study new research and interview clinicians and thought leaders, working with our advisory board of world-class endocrinologists, cardiologists, primary care physicians, nurses, and community health workers to help make everyone smarter about diabetes and obesity. Our firm is led by Kelly Close (Amherst ’90, Harvard Business School ’95) and located in the vibrant Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco.

The Associate position at Close Concerns is ideal for someone with a significant science or pre-medical background with additional interest in business and/or public health and health policy. Strong writing skills are a must.

This is a two-year position. Associates are involved in nearly every aspect of the company – from producing reports for our publication to managing day-to-day operations – and assume significant responsibility. On leaving the company, Close Concerns’ employees often pursue medical, public health, or business graduate degrees; others follow careers in industry. Some of our alumni are currently students, residents, or post-docs at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Mount Sinai, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, UCSF, and the NIH.

This position involves significant travel in the US and internationally. In 2016-2017 we attended conferences in Abu Dhabi, Austin, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Houston, Las Vegas, Lisbon, London, Munich, New Orleans, Paris, San Diego, and Washington DC to name a few. Associates typically travel about 50% of the time, including over weekends.

The Associate position entails a wide range of projects, tasks, and opportunities:

For more information on Close Concerns, see www.closeconcerns.com. The Close Concerns family of organizations also includes The diaTribe Foundation, a non-profit focused on advocacy and education and connecting our networks, and dQ&A, a patient-centered market research company. Our Associate program is a cohesive cohort across all three organizations who share the mission of improving outcomes by educating physicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, policymakers, and patients on the most important news and research in the field of diabetes and obesity. By applying to Close Concerns, you will be considered for all three organizations.

TO APPLY: Please apply for the Close Concerns Associate position by January 8, 2018. Please do not apply through your school’s career portal – we will not receive these applications. Earlier applications are highly encouraged.

In addition to the question fields in our online application, please attach the following as a single merged PDF document in the "Resume" field:

PDFs may be merged using https://smallpdf.com/merge-pdf. Please email Abigail Dove at abigail.dove@closeconcerns.com if you have any problems with the application form



Praise from leaders in the worlds of diabetes and obesity!

"As a diabetes educator who’s lucky enough to get updates from Close Concerns, I stay ahead of the curve of what’s going on in the diabetes world."Hope Warshaw, RD, CDE (Hope Warshaw Associates, Alexandria, VA)

"For providers, patients, industry, and investors, Close Concerns is the link for everyone in the field. You ‘connect the dots’ for all of us."Irl Hirsch, MD (Professor of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA)

"The information provided by Close Concerns is concise, up to date, accurate, on the cutting edge, and always well written. The dedication to the world of diabetes that Kelly has provided is unsurpassed."Davida Kruger, BC-ADM (Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI)

"Close Concerns is far more than a business. It's about dedication and commitment to further our progress in preventing and treating diabetes. It's about a passion to wipe out diabetes; a passion to learn and tell others what's going on, and without that communication we lose efficiency and effectiveness." – Richard Kahn, PhD (Former Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association)

Praise from Close Concerns Alumni!

Associates at Close Concerns have more independence and responsibility than almost any other graduates fresh out of college. The job is exciting, fast-paced, and the best testing ground I could imagine for learning how to become successful in any field. – Jenny Jin (Harvard College ’06, University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine ’12, current resident at Harvard University, orthopedic surgery)

Simply put, I loved working at Close Concerns because I was able to work with incredibly bright, driven and fun people. Coming from finance, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to actually make something happen when I had a good idea—I really felt like I was making an actual impact with my work. – Jen Lesser (Amherst College ’07, Harvard Business School ’13, now in management at Onyx working on cancer)

At Close Concerns, I have had the chance to travel to diabetes conferences around the US and the world, speak with key diabetes thought leaders, pursue topics of personal interest related to diabetes, and even write a 160-page book about type 1 diabetes for patients and families. It is a job that will engage and challenge you in ways that provide true, life-long rewards. – Lisa Rotenstein (Harvard College '11, Harvard Medical School ’16)

It is difficult to put into words how much I learned while working at Close Concerns. Beyond exposure to a side of healthcare, medicine, and business that few of my peers have experienced, I learned a great deal amount about myself. I found the work both invigorating and challenging and I gained confidence in myself and my abilities. – Jessica Swienckowski (Vassar College '08, Dartmouth Medical School ’14 and Chair of the AAMC Organization of Student Representatives)

While I certainly value the skills I learned at Close Concerns, I am most appreciative of the perspective I gained. The work gave me an exhaustive understanding of the many forces driving medical care and health policy – where those forces succeed and where they fall short. My experiences at Close Concerns have fueled my own passion to be persistent, resourceful, and dedicated in my own career. – Eric Chang (Pomona College '09, University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine ‘14)

The experience of working at Close Concerns ended up teaching me more than I could have imagined. In brief, my experience has framed my career and helped shape my life goals. Mark Yarchoan (Amherst College ’07, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine ’12, current resident at University of Pennsylvania, internal medicine)

While at Close Concerns I mastered the art of finding creative solutions to tough problems. This confidence is a powerful asset to have when facing seemingly impossible challenges. – Kaku Armah (Amherst College ’07, PhD, Public Health, University of Pittsburgh ‘13)

Graduating from Amherst College, I had many opportunities to work in consulting with top firms. I chose Close Concerns because I saw tremendous opportunities in a growing organization with a meaningful social purpose and mentoring by principals I could learn from and respect. Every one of my hopes was surpassed. – Katelyn Gamson (Amherst College ’04, University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine ’10, current resident at CPMC, internal medicine)

In the past two years I have learned – deeply and continuously – about how companies and clinicians are addressing the urgent worldwide epidemic of diabetes; how to build a successful small business; and how to think creatively and cooperatively in times of uncertainty. I consider myself supremely lucky for the skills I have honed and friendships I have formed at Close Concerns. – Joseph Shivers (Harvard College ’10, Sansum Diabetes Research Center Clinical Research Assistant, Columbia Medical School ‘17)

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