About Close Concerns

Close Concerns is a healthcare information firm focused on diabetes, obesity, digital health, and public health. We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by educating physicians and other healthcare providers, scientists, business leaders, policymakers, advocates, and patients about the most important news and research in the field. Reaching academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, drug and medical device manufacturers, and government bodies, Close Concerns is widely respected in the healthcare community. We travel to over 50 scientific and medical conferences around the world to study new research and interview clinicians, scientists, and thought leaders, publishing our findings in a regular publication. Our firm is led by Kelly Close (Amherst ’90, Harvard Business School ’95) and located in the vibrant Lower Haight district of San Francisco.

In addition, we also have open positions at our sister organizations:

  • The diaTribe Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and prediabetes and to advocate for action
  • dQ&A, a patient-centric market research company market research firm that helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies and leaders and innovators in the field better understand what and how patients think

Please submit your application to ONE position only; the application form will allow you to indicate your interest in the other organizations.

Over three dozen associates have graduated from our three programs and gone on to leading medical schools and graduate programs. We welcome college seniors to apply to become part of a global network of young healthcare leaders. Please contact Abigail Dove at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Current openings

No open jobs at this moment