About Close Concerns/The diaTribe Foundation/dQ&A

Close Concerns is a healthcare information firm focused on diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity, dedicated to improving patient outcomes by educating physicians, scientists, researchers, business leaders, educators, manufacturers, policymakers, and patients about the most important news and research in the field. With thousands of subscribers at academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, drug and medical device companies, and government bodies, Close Concerns and our publication Closer Look are widely respected in the healthcare community. We study new research and interview clinicians and thought leaders, working with our advisory board of world-class endocrinologists, cardiologists, primary care physicians, nurses, and community health workers to help make everyone smarter about diabetes and obesity. Our organization is located in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco.

The diaTribe Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes, and to advocate for action. The diaTribe Foundation is committed to helping people with diabetes live happier, healthier, and more hopeful lives. By providing free online information to people around the world who are affected by diabetes and prediabetes, The diaTribe Foundation empowers through education. diaTribe Learn, which provides diabetes insights and actionable tips, reaches nearly two million people annually. The diaTribe Foundation is also dedicated to amplifying the voices of people with diabetes, raising awareness, and advocating for change. This involves working with scientific and diabetes communities to reach out to policymakers, regulators, and the public at large. The diaTribe Foundation also regularly brings together diverse audiences of diabetes experts, health care leaders, and policymakers to develop innovative solutions – notably, the dSeries: Executive Innovation Lab on Diabetes and Prediabetes. Our rapidly growing organization is located in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco.

Founded by public health experts, people with diabetes, and data science professionals, dQ&A is a research company committed to making life better for people with diabetes. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research with thousands of patients and healthcare professionals, translating their experiences and perspectives into information that is used to develop better diabetes products and services. Through our communities of patients, diabetes educators, and physicians, we have built an expert understanding of people with diabetes – what they like and dislike, how they live, think, act, and feel. Our clients include Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, patient organizations, and innovators in healthcare. We help them design new products, collect data to support regulatory decisions, understand patient/physician relationships, create better marketing campaigns, and make patient-centric business decisions. With ten years of experience specializing in diabetes research and an international portfolio of research services, we are an established, trusted, and authentic voice in the diabetes community. Our organization is based out of the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco.

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